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As part of the observance of the 66th Formation Day of AIIEA, which fell on July 1, 2016, a special Medical awareness Camp was organized by the ICEU, Chennai Division-1, exclusively for the women comrades in the Union Office premises on Saturday, the 2nd July, 2016. Dr. (Mrs.) Sunitha Prabhakar, Consultant Oncologist, MIOT Hospital, Chennai, was the Chief Guest. Com.S.Manjula, Convener, Women’s Sub-Committee of ICEU, Chennai Division-1, welcomed the Chief Guest and the women participants and also inaugurated the Camp. She observed that in the midst of pressing domestic functions, today’s women do not give priority to concerns regarding health. She also gave a brief description of the objectives of the Camp and appealed to the women comrades to closely follow what was presented to them by the doctor and get all their doubts clarified at the end.

Dr. Sunitha Prabhakar dealt with the causes of different types of Cancer, which affect the human beings at different ages. She disclosed that the formation of abnormal cells invade and damage any part of the body leading to the disease. The treatments for cancer included chemotherapy, radiology and surgery depending upon the stage of the dreaded disease. She said that the USA leads the countries in the number of cancerous women, followed by India. She suggested that women should take some precautions by involving themselves in physical activities like exercises, walking, etc. To be aware of body conditions, they should undergo regular check-ups with the doctors and do scanning once a year on reaching the age of 45. She exhorted the women comrades saying that they do have the capabilities to tide over the problems. At the end, she gave several clarifications to the doubts and questions raised by the audience.

Com.G.Srividya, Asst. Treasurer, ICEU, presented the Chief Guest a Memento amidst cheerful hand claps by the women comrades present. Com.S.Manjula proposed a vote of thanks.

Pledge Taking on July 1, 2016
A day earlier, a gate meeting of employees was conducted in front of the LIC Building, Chennai. Com.R.Govindarajan, former Joint Secretary of AIIEA, addressing the meeting as a special guest, recalled that the AIIEA was formed on July 1, 1951 and the list of demands it formulated contained the demand for nationalization of the life insurance companies as the first and foremost item. The demand for nationalization materialized when the Government of India nationalized the private insurance companies and formed the public sector LIC on September 1, 1956. He said that whenever the LIC management offered wage rise imposing anti-labor conditions, the AIIEA launched struggles to safeguard the employees’ interests. He appealed to the comrades to strive for fulfilling the objectives of the mighty organization, the AIIEA, and make it more stronger to defeat the machinations of the government.
Com.L.Palaniappan, President, ICEU, Chennai Division-1, administered a pledge to the gathering stressing the need for greater participation of the comrades in struggles to safeguard the LIC in the public sector, keeping in mind the attempts of the government to privatize the premier public sector institution.

Com. S.Rameshkumar, General Secretary, ICEU, Chennai Division-1, welcomed the gathering at the start of the meeting and also profusely thanked Com.R.Govindarajan and the participants at the end.

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