Monday, April 8, 2013

18th working women convention in Chennai.
18th Working Women’s convention was held  in a fitting manner by the divisional women sub committee of ICEU, Chennai Division-I, on April 6, 2013. Addressing the convention  meeting held in the LIC Building canteen hall in Chennai, Com.U.VASUKI, National Secretary, AIDWA, enumerated a large number of incidents of sexual and other modes of violence perpetrated against women and female children reported almost daily throughout the length and breadth of the country and called for stringent law to punish the culprits. She felt that there should be shift in the mind-set of the population to ensure that women are given equal rights and due respect and treated with dignity in all spheres. She hailed the recent judgment by Hon’ble Supreme Court in the Novartis Case for patents in the generic drugs. The Supreme Court pronounced this judgement based on the Intellectual property Act of 2005. This act was enacted because of the pressure of the left parties. The central government is acting in a manner to help the rich corporate. The announcement of decontrol of sugar is such a measure. This move will hit the common man. The worst of suffers of this move will be women. The UPA government is not so serious in incorporating all the suggestions given by the Retired Justice Verma committee recommendations to stop the violence against women. The hurriedly brought a ordinance which omitted important and far reaching proposals such marital rape, voyeurism and stalking. This omission amply proves without doubt the insincerity of the government. As you all are working in a organisation with a strong trade union the women’s here are in a better position. But the women working in out side need your help more. So I request the women sub committee of ICEU Chennai division-I to take more proactive role in organising unorganised women in this part of the world.
The report was submitted by the convenor of women sub-committee com.S.Revathi. four women comrades participated in the discussion. Com.S.Ramesh Kumar summed up the debate and the report was adopted unanimously. Then com.K.Swaminathan General secretary, SZIEF greeted the conference. The congratulated the women sub committee for the massive participation of women comrades in the convention. When the decision to form women sub committee was taken in the 1988 in Jaipur conference, it was taken with a forethought to involve women in the union activities and make them leaders of the organisation. Today ICEU, Chennai I was leading in it. Out of the total 70 branch level office bearers in Chennai division-I 33 positions were occupied by women. This shows the growth. They should come to next tire of leadership.
Then com.Sarvamangala, convenor, Women’s sub committee, ICEU, Chennai Division-II greeted the convention. Eight resolutions were moved by Com.Manjula, Joint convenor and seconded by another joint convenor Com.Lalitha was unanimously adopted. Notable among them was a resolution urging central government to include all the recommendations made by justice verma committee in the law to prevent crimes against women.
Com.S.Revathi, Convener, Working Women’s Sub-Committee, ICEU, Chennai-I, along with other joint convenors Com.Lakshmi, Com.Manjula, and Com. Lalitha who were in the presidium conducted the proceedings.
Earlier com.S.Revathy convenor welcomed the gathering and vote of thanks was proposed by com.Manjula, joint convenor.
The convention elected Com.Manjula as new convenor and eight joint convenors were also elected for the ensuing year.
A large number of men and women comrades attended the meeting. A good number of women working in distant Branch Offices came to the venue of the meeting.