Monday, September 17, 2012


A huge protest demonstration was held in front of LIC building at Chennai, Anna salai by ICEU, Chennai division-I today(17.9.2012) against the retrograde decisions of  UPA government at the center. The decision to hike Rs.5/- for diesel, the cap of 6 LPG cylinders per year for the family, the decision to allow FDI in retail business, allowing FDI in civil aviation, increase in FDI limit in broadcasting and selling of four strategic PSUs. The Protest demonstration was address by Sri.Vikramaraja, President, The Tamil Nadu traders association. He said the decision to allow FDI in retail business will ruin the life of twenty crores of people. The UPA government has taken the decision at the behest of Wal-mart. The commerce minister of the country is telling the people that opening of the retail business will create 40 lakhs jobs, by killing the lives of twenty crores of people he is going to create 40 lakhs of jobs. Don't he know this is bad economics. We are moved by the protest action of LIC employees' against this retrograde move of UPA government. Today we all have to unite to fight against  this government move. Tomorrow when AIIEA fights the privatization move by government in LIC we will whole heartdly support you. Once again I thank you all for this wonderful opportunity. The meeting was presided by Com.S.Ramesh Kumar General Secretary, ICEU, Chennai division-I.

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