Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The year long campaign-cum-celebrations of AIIEA's Diamond Jubilee Year by the ICEU, Chennai Division-I, came to a fitting finale with a 'Family Get Toghter' programme on August 31, 2011 attended by a huge assembly of employees, their family members and senior leaders from both life and general sectors. Conducted after a long period of preprations and mobilization, the event went down as memorable one in the history of the union. The participation of comrades chandersekar bose, the doyen of the LIC employees' movement and founder leader of the AIIEA, K.Venugopal, General Secretary of AIIEA, besides other leaders gave a momentous fillip to the occasion. The programme was conducted in the Bertram Hall located in the sprawling Loyola College campus in Chennai, which witnessed decorations with arches, flags and festoons.  There was also an Exhibition of photographs, posters and caricatured items of cartoons, etc in the premises.
At 3.00 p.m., various competitions were held in which the employees and their children took part enthusiastically. Some items like anthakshari and quiz programmes were conducted on the dias inside the hall.
While Com.G.Jayaraman, President,ICEU, Chennai Division-I presided over the main function, the welcome address was delivered by Com.K.Vijayalakshmi, Joint Secretary, ICEU. Inaugurating the meeting, Com.K.Venugoapl, recounted the series of programmes conceived and implemented right from the formation of AIIEA in the year 1951 including the first demand for nationalization of the insurance industry, its campaign for protection of the public sector insurance industry including the irrefutable evidence tendered before the standing committee of Parliament against the retrograde insurance Amendment Bills and  the fight against the move to split the LIC and its achievements like persuading the LIC to recruit 5000 class IV employees through regularization of temporary employees and also recruit 5000 Assistants, its co-operation to upgrade technology with a view to improve policyholders' servicing, etc. He concluded by asserting that the AIIEA derived its strength from the unit achieved at the Base, Divisional, and Zonal levels.
Com.Chandersekar Bose, in his brief address, proudly recalled the 60 years of glorious march if the AIIEA since its formation, its first demand for nationalization resulting in the coming into being of the LIC in the year 1956 taking over all the liabilities of private insurers, its achievements on standardization of salaries, industrial DA, bonus, pension and several other benefits for the employees through successive struggles, He also referred to the continuous publication of insurance worker journal by the AIIEA, which, he was sure, would march forward ensuring a decent living for the employees.
Com.K.Swaminathan, General secretary, SZIEF, said that the AIIEA, the largest trade union in the industry, planted the seed for the birth of the LIC as an institution. The organisation's first demand was not for enhanced wages, but on nationalization, he averred. The AIIEA is now engaged in the unenviable task of protecting the  LIC in public sector through intensified campaign and struggles and at the same time doing its for improving the servicing of policyholders telling the employees that the campaign starts from their tables, meaning thereby that better clients' service would be of  immense help to the movement and struggles. He expressed his happiness that the LIC was and is free from any complaint of corruption in its dealings with the policyholders and others because of the role played by the AIIEA in ensuring corrupt-free servicing.
Greeting the participants on the occasion, Shri.D.D.Singh, Zonal Manager, LIC, South Zone, Chennai, said that during its long march, the AIIEA had ensured by and large a satisfied mass of employees, who had extended maximum co-operation to the management on all counts. He concluded by expressing the hope that both LIC and the AIIEA would go hand in hand in the future too to safeguard the interests of the institution, its  employees and its clientele.Then there was a cultural programme participated by the women comrades and the tiny tots with an informative skit, spirit-raising songs, pleasing instrumental music, inspiring dances, etc., which gave a stimulus to the occasion. Prizes were distributed to all those who came out successful in the various competitions and participants in the cultural programme.The whole proceedings on the dais were very effectively compeered by comrades R.Nirmala and com.S.Manjula. Com.S.Revathi, convenor, women's sub committee, chennai division-I was on the dais throughout the programme helping the orderly conduct of the events. Com.S.Ramesh Kumar ,General Secretary,ICEU, proposed a vote of thanks.The day wore off with a sumptuous dinner for all those present on the historic occasion. 

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