Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 : Year Of Scams For India

. As 2010 year ends it is time to look back and evaluate how we did in our lives , our relationships , our finances , our careers. In same way it is time to see how our country did in various arenas.
As we look back in year 2010 , it is unfortunate that this year might go down as being year of scams. Tough most of scams were in making much before 2010 ,2010 was absolutely exciting for media , frustrating for Indians and year for resignation for many politicians.
Let us look at various allegations of scams which came to light in 2010
1) Common Wealth Games :
Britishers in their peak introduced common wealth games during 1930s. Little did they know that common wealth terminology would be adapted years down the line and little did terminology investors know that common wealth would be taken literally by kalmadi and his associates. Allegations on them is that they made lot of wealth from common wealth games. Investigations are still on and kalmadi maintains that he did nothing wrong
2) 2G Scam:
Raja , raaj karen , hum hai raja . Song from kamal hasan’s aappu raja applies perfectly to Raja of DMK. Seems to be have taken word so literally that he didnt listen to even prime minister of India. Dubbed as mother of all scams the money involved is 1.76 lakh crores.
Raja’s episode also brought into light Niira Radia Tapes. Though it was an accident that her phone was tapped for money and what we all got was how lobbying was done and how corporates operate via lobbyist to make sure their favorite politician becomes minister of particular department.
3) Adarsh Scam :
If 2g and cwg was shocker , adarsh was disgusting. Plot taken in name of martyrs , adarsh scam saw all whose who from politicians to IAS to IPS to even ex army personnel getting into it. Sonia Madam took high moral ground of sacking ashok chavan but remained silent on why since shindes and deshmukhs scam was not unearthed.
4) Karnataka Scam :
Why should congress have all the fun wondered yeddy. His son was given bunglow , his daughter was given plot to open BPO. yeddy survived and still is chief minister of karnataka. Yeddy did give sonia gandhi a breather and she uses his name in her speeches to show that congress is better than BJP. On what grounds?. Well congress atleast sacks people once media blow the whistle!!!!!!!!!!
5) UP Food Scam :
How can year end when states like maharashtra , karnataka are having all the scams and most populous state’s name is not even mentioned. If 2g scam is mother of all scams , up food scam is grand daddy of all scam considering the money involved. The scam is said to be worth of 2 lakh crores. So when raja is alleged to have used modern way of making money , up used age old way. The food acquired to be distributed in primary schools ended up being sold in market!!!!!!!!!!
Mayawati too high moral ground by stating that it was she who had ordered inquiry. Mulayam struck back stating that it was he who ordered inquiry while sharad pawar stated that his job was only to supply and how to use was state subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it is raining scam and amidst all these scams Ramalinga Raju seems to be angel . Let us see what 2011 shows to us… 

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